Sep 8, 2007 by Lv Xianfeng

There are many ways to get help using AudioCodec.
First of all, please make sure, that you read the FAQ.
Often your questions have already been asked by other users and you will find an answer really fast.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ, please contact me.

You should get an answer really fast!

If you have found a bug, please use the Help Forum and make a bug report in the Bug Tracking System, or contact author.

About me

Sep 8, 2007 by Lv Xianfeng

Personal Information:

Name: Lv Xianfeng


Date of Birth: 1982-09-07

Residency: Wuhan, Hubei, China


Occupation: Student

Spoken languages: Chinese, English

Address: Yujiatou Campus Y7 mailbox, Wuhan University of Technology , China (430063)


  • Bachelor Degree:

    2001/9--2005/7     Hubei Institute of nationality         Computer Science of Technology

  • Master Degree:

    2005/9--Present     Wuhan University of Technology     Computer Science of Technology

IT Skills:

  • Strong in C/C++, Java and Web based application programming
  • Knowledge/experience on software development and debug tools (Rational Rose, Power Designer, Visual Studio Series, eclipses etc.)
  • Knowledge/experience on J2EE (Java, Struts, JSP, SQL etc.)
  • Knowledge/experience on Object Oriented analysis experience of software systems
  • Knowledge of HTTP, SOAP and various Web Services standards/technologies
  • Knowledge of Linux OS, and computer/information security technologies

Project Experience:

  • 2006/8 –2006/12   Wuhan Water Group Company Limited HRMS
    Project Description:This project is developed on the eclipse platform with MVC structure. The target of this project is to develop an automatic information system by computers for their company’s human resource management.
    Responsibility: User's requirement investigation; Development plan; Overall design; Detailed design; Authority document written; Product development
  • 2007/6—Present     Simple Audio Codec(SAC) project on
    Project Description: This project is developed on the VC2005 platform with C++; SAC is a totally free batch audio coder, which can easily convert most of music files and various popular audio files to MP3, MP4, iPod and other MP3 player file formats at high speed and CD quality.
    Responsibility: Founder-member; Project management; Authority document written; Product development, test

Personal Ability:

  • Strong analytical solving capabilities with proven software development/debugging skills;
  • Good team player, Motivated, demonstrated initiative and display of a can-do attitude.

Miscellaneous Info:

  • Fresh-air sports
  • Internet
  • Reading
  • Electronic games



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